Saturday, June 4, 2011

BeerCalc Beer Calculations and Stats - Android Market App

Version 1.6- Fixed problem uploading 1.5 to market

Version 1.5- Uploaded to the market June 4, 2011

Changes from 1.4

- Add hydrometer temperature adjustment tool and chart
- Enable or disable Timers in main list
- Consolidate Calculators and new hydrometer correction tool
- Added Metric system support

Version 1.4  TBD  - Estimated update to the market is January 28.

Brew day timer. 5 individual timers.  Beeps and or vibrates when timer expires. Note: The phones are designed to preserve battery. Timers require the phone to stay awake which conflicts with the design to preserve battery.

Redesigned tools selection.  Removed tabs and replaced with tools page.

Version 1.3 - 1/6/2011:  Added new tool to calculate the volume of water needed at a specified temperature raise or lower your mash temperature.  Useful to adjust your mash temperature when you miss your target or if you want to do a step mash.

Version 1.2 - Not released

Version 1.0 - 1/1/2011

It is called "BeerCalc" but search for "Beer Stats" or "Jomebrew" in the Android Market and is named BeerCalc.  It currently has 6 tools related to beer and brewing beer.

Beer Stats: You can generate details about you beer like ABV, Calories, Carbs and more geeky stuff like determine Plato, Extract values and attenuation.

Conversions: There are a couple simple conversion used on brew day like Specific Gravity to Brix and Brix to Specific Gravity which helps when working with your refractometer.

Carbonation: When your are ready to bottle, you can calculate the amount of krausening wort (actively fermenting wort) to add to you newly fermented beer to naturally carbonate.

Recipe Scaling:  This multipurpose tool has several functions as well as being fun to see "what if".  It uses a couple simple values to advise how much grain you will need add (or reduce) if you want to scale the gravity of your beer up or down. You can determine your grain utilization efficiency of a finished brew day.  You can reverse engineer the approximate total grain weight of a beer with just a little knowledge and a couple assumptions.

Water Volume:  A simple to use tool to calculate the needed mash and sparge water volumes and the strike water temperature.

Screen Shots of BeerCalc

Text Auto-Reply Andorid App

Version 1.2:  The Text Auto-Reply Android App simply automatically replies to an incoming text sender with a pre-configured message.

Very simple and easy to use Texting Answering Machine. This app does not try to be several confusing apps in one.  Text Reply simply replies to an incoming text message with a customizable response to let the sender know you got their message.  Text Reply simply works the moment you start it.  There is no configuration needed to make it work.

You can create your own custom response or just use the default message. You can save a custom message that is loaded every time you start Text Reply.  Just enter your message and tap Save!  Need a temporary message?  Simply enter the message and don't save it.  Click load to restore you last saved custom message!  Simple!  Want the default back?  Simple, just clear the message box and tap Load.

Messages can be up to 300 characters but we encouage you to keep it under 160 which fits the message in one text reply.  The running size dispay warns you when you exceed 160 by changing color then again when you exceed 300.  Messages are trimmed to 300 when Text Reply is replying to an incoming text.  If the message is blank when a text arrives, the default is used. Messages over 160 characters are sent in two text replies. Please note that Text Reply supports SMS only and does not support MMS and currently cannot reply to email sourced messages.

  • Running display of message size
  • Save your own custom message
  • Temporary custom message
  • Always loads last saved message
  • Running list of incoming message with sender # number date, time
  • Built-in default message can always be reloaded
  • Supports up to 300 character custom message length (160 recommended)

Easy to use interface

Purchase and install from the Android Market.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monogamy Test

Unpublished. Was just for fun but just too lame to continue.

Just published!  An entertainment app that tests if you have been monogamous!  Just a couple simple questions and your secrets are revealed!!

Search the market for "Jomebrew" or "Monogamy Test"