Saturday, January 1, 2011

AvgGPS Android Market App

Release 1.4 - In progress

1/27/2011 - If text message length exceeds 160 characters (normally about 155) the app will crash. Fixing this ASAP.  Will split messages in two texts at 155 characters if it exceeds 160.

- Adding ability to edit the text message before sending
- Removed 10 digit phone number limitation.  Now accepts any number and will attempt to send. Please note: Sending is not confirmed or verified.

Release 1.3 - 1/16/2011

Fixed text message Altitude displayed in feet but was meters.  Now meters and feet

Added save and load feature .  You can now save a set of coordinates then load them later and resume averaging.  Useful for sampling at different times and satellite positions.

Fixed potential cosmetic issue with latitude if south of the equator.

Release 1.2 1/2/2011

Revamped the interface
 - Centered Text
 - Aligned text
Added GPS Altitude
Added units of measurements to Accuracy
Displays contents of sent text message
New Icon

Release 1.0 1/1/2011

Fruitful day today.  I published my second app in the Android market.  The latest app averages the GPS coordinates from either the GPS or Network source on the phone.  This is a typical feature in commercial GPS units but is usually missing in Android GPS applications.  The most common use is when you want to have some level of confidence of your current GPS position.  An example application is in geocaching.  When you are placing a new geocache, you really want the most accurate GPS cordinates.   Unfortunately, the phone often starts off pretty far from your actual position.  Only by sampling the coordinates over time can you have some sense of accuracy. AvgGPS uses a simple averaging based on the coordinates and number of samples.

The app is in the market under "AvgGPS"  Search Jomebrew best results

Features in the initial release:Publish Post

  • Samples GPS ccordinates every three seconds (saves battery life)
  • Displays coordinates in real time
  • Displays current EPE / Accuracy value as reported by the GPS device
  • Shows both Degrees Decimal (37.123456 -122.654321) and Degrees Decimal Minutes (N37 16.123 W 122 52.321).
  • Map current averaged coordinates location
  • Send the current averages coordinates via text
  • Simple to use, Simple to understand
  • Free

Please feel free to email me with suggestions or questions.

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